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Why Joya?

You may think it's stubbornness, but that's the way it is: Joya contains nothing that we ourselves don't like.

We know our partners by name and speak the same language.

We rely on soybeans from Austria and Europe as well as other carefully selected raw materials that we can vouch for. After all, taste is what counts.

Our farmers are pleased with the fair partnerships and our environment benefits from short transport routes.

Joya product highlights

From Soy Drink to Coconut Yogurt Alternative:
With Joya, you have the choice!
Our varied plant-based products provide
moments of indulgence any time of the day.


Coconut indulgence for any time of day. Creamy & sugar-free!

Veganer Kuchen mit Joya-Produkten


Vegan pear cake, a delicious lentil stew or chocolate cookies that are worth the indulgence? Discover our many recipe ideas.

Our products can be used to cook a variety of dishes. That's why we love to keep experimenting and often this results in a great recipe. But it's not just us working hard. From time to time there are also recipes from lovely people who really know what they're doing. Simply browse through and try them yourself.

Our mission

We want plant-based products to be an important part of our diet.

That's why we strive to fully understand and satisfy your needs in terms of taste, quality, packaging and service. For us, research and development relating to soy, oats, rice and other plant-based raw materials is a key priority; this allows us to understand their characteristics and their uses and implement this into our products.