Our history


Launch of Joya – the combination of the words “Enjoy Soy” characterizes the brand’s vitality even today.


Sale of milk production and focus on soy products – as the first and only dairy in Europe, Mona Naturprodukte GmbH operates on a strictly vegan basis.


Acquisition of Sojaland Schwerin, Germany – international expansion to meet growing customer demand and cover Europe geographically, started producing soy-free, rice- and oats-based milk alternatives – at that time Mona recognized that it needed more than soy.


Joya Relaunch – unique in the category:

  • 100% GMO-free soybeans
  • soybeans exclusively from Austrian contract farming
  • no artificial flavors


Mona generated 45 million in sales and continues to experience double-digit growth. Joya is already available in more than 30 countries.


Joya redefined vitality and rethought its core competencies: tasty vegan dairy alternatives.